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With all the discussion of procurement and how it works in organizations, the biggest question is, does it actually save money? We know it does!

Maven Medical can advise you on procurement management which can save valuable time and can streamline the purchasing process. With a fine-tuned procurement system, many of the steps involved in purchasing are either not necessary or are automated so that the entire process runs smoother and faster.

Many organizations simply place orders; they don’t form relationships with suppliers. While the distinction may not seem great, the reality is that these distributors are critical components of a facility’s success.

Topics on which we can guide you:
  • Essentials of Purchasing
  • Reducing Costs Through Cost-Price Analysis
  • How to Access Value-Added Services
  • Purchasing as a Profit Center
  • Advanced Purchasing Strategies
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At Maven Medical, we recognize that keeping abreast of new information and applying new technologies safely and appropriately in practice can be a challenge for today's busy health care professionals.

Through the support of our vendors, we created
Maven Academy, as we are dedicated to helping clinicians meet this challenge.

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