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Through a strategic partnership, Maven Medical is proud to offer Health Care Certification Practice Tests that are designed specifically to be just like the actual exams! We offer a variety of practice tests that are as close to the actual exams as you can get. Our practice exams will mirror the real ones in 5 key ways:

  1. Topics covered
  2. Level of difficulty
  3. Time-limit (or you can customize it)
  4. Navigation
  5. Look and feel

And the best part is that after you take our practice tests, you will have permanent access to each test’s review page with step-by-step explanations! The review page includes the following for every question on the test:

  1. The question content
  2. All of the answer choices
  3. The answer choice you selected
  4. The answer that is correct
  5. A detailed step-by-step explanation

With our testing service, the content, degree of difficulty, number of questions, time-limit, scoring, and even the navigation are just like the actual exams. We also offer you the opportunity to access each test’s review page. The review page provides detailed explanations for every single test question! We have had customers who, before finding our website, failed the real test several times, yet passed after taking all of our practice tests.

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